Monday, August 22, 2011

Tobacco wars: Government has bigger problems

Tobacco wars: Government has bigger problems | New Hampshire OPINION01

New Hampshire, by the way, has one of the lowest percentage of smokers, according to the Bureau of the Census, yet the American Lung Association says it’s among the states that spend the least on tobacco control and prevention. How about that.

I spend alot of time on forums or at least  I used to.
One of the things we did was quote stuff we were sure would be deleted by the original poster and we would repost their post with a simple QFT  in the comment window.
For me this blog is alot like those forums.
This is a place where I stick interesting stories and bits and pieces of truth so that in the end I will have some sort of record of the absolute insanity that we all live through.
I don't make too much of this opinion piece except the very last bit,which I stuck here as a testament to the idea of non interference into the lives of others.

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