Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Street smoke ban unlikely in Blackpool

Street smoke ban unlikely in Blackpool - Local - Blackpool Gazette

But Fylde Euro MP Paul Nuttall has criticised the move.
He said: “We have already seen the dreadful impact the smoking ban has had on the pub trade resulting in hundreds of pubs across the country shutting down.
“If this idea becomes reality it will mean no more going out for a walk and having a smoke.
“I do not believe there is any evidence to show anyone, young or old, has been adversely affected by second hand smoke in the open air.
“Education is needed to deter people from smoking – not heavy handed rules from bureaucrats who want to dictate every aspect of our lives.

Bravo Blackpool.

I really liked this article,but reading it some silly thoughts occurred to me.

Who will be doing the educating?
The state,ASH,NHS,other assorted government funded charities?

Some naive part of me hopes someday we will look back on all the damage done by the banning of smoking indoors,outdoors and in cars, your own private balconies ect and be appalled by it.

A part of me looks at history and believes that someday,somehow all this nonsense will be overturned and people will go back to living lives again in society,not a society made up of smokers and non smokers.

I hope it happens before I am so old it no longer matters.

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