Monday, August 29, 2011

Statistics from 'anti-smokers'; should be challenged

Statistics from 'anti-smokers'; should be challenged; Public servants should submit to random drug tests, too (letters) |

Can anyone look at a person and factually declare that he/she died from secondhand smoke? Many base such claims on data from organizations such as the WHO, EPA, CDC and others. Investigating these studies objectively reveals numbers are often skewed to favor smoking bans.
Another claim is the quantity of toxins or chemicals in secondhand smoke. Currently, 4,000 is the magic number, although the Mobile County Health Department claims over 7,000 on its website. At one time this oft-quoted number was 3,000, then 4,000, then inflated to 5,000 and then to 7,000. Which is it? Nobody knows.

Put here because of common sense.
No rants,no sarcasm.

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