Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Tipping Point

I read an interesting article today in Tobacco Reporter.
It seems like some people are quite worried about contraband tobacco.

I suppose it's something to have a vaild concern about,if Canada's government were really concerned about tobacco being adulterated and people getting hurt by ingredients that shouldn't be there.

That isn't what they are afraid of though(suprise,suprise) their biggest concern is that with cheap cigarettes being so widely available cheap tobacco might once again become socially acceptable.

"The problem is getting near a tipping point," said Mark Holland, the Liberal public safety critic. "If contraband tobacco becomes too prevalent, it just becomes socially acceptable.... If we cross that line, if we have that tipping point, it will be almost impossible to stamp out."

Is that something to be so afraid of?
It seems like it's a bottom line issue,but it always is.

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