Sunday, September 26, 2010


Christopher Snowdon Interviews Scott Ballin

I love Christopher Snowdon,it's simply an over site that his blog isn't listed on my blog roll on the side of this blog.

It is odd when  you think of tobacco control as a community you tend to think of people who don't want you to have anything.

From some members of the tobacco control community that might very well be true.

There is a small group in the tobacco control community that seeks outright prohibition of both the plant tobacco and the ingredient in tobacco nicotine.

There is also a group that from my obviously limited vision seems a bit more reasonable.

The proponents of tobacco harm reduction seem to be a small group who don't want prohibition of everything outright.

It's strange to see a group have slight differences like this, but it makes for an interesting journey for everyone ahead as they seem to be a minority.

A minority I support but ....................................

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